Rent waste container?

During a renovation, evacuation, renovation, clearance, demolition, renewal of buildings, houses, gardens, kitchens, bathrooms, barns and more. A lot of, if not a lot of, waste is released there. Concrete, stone, tiles, wood, cupboards, chairs, tables, ceilings, laminate flooring, floor coverings, stairs, glass, pans and pots and much more. But where do you leave all that material? You can drive back and forth several times with your car to the municipal yard. This takes a lot of time and with many, if not all municipalities, you can only deposit waste to a limited extent.

The most obvious solution; order a waste container from

The big advantage for you: our website provides all the information needed to help you make the right choice and we ensure that the container is placed in the desired location.

The website also provides information about what you may dispose of in, for example, a construction and demolition container or in a container intended for rubble. Do you have roof waste, such as bitumen or roof leather? We ensure that it is properly disposed of and recycled. In this way, together, you as a customer and we as a waste collector, we ensure a recycling society. This reduces CO2 emissions and reduces the amount of our global resources.

We also have a separate container for bulky waste. For all your discarded furniture, such as cabinets, chairs, armchairs, tables, laminate flooring, plastic material and all unnecessary materials, we have a separate container in our range.

Even if you are pruning or renovating your garden. Renew plants, prune trees and shrubs, old roots, excess soil in short, all garden waste has a new purpose if you order a green waste container from us at The advantage; container close to hand so that everything that comes out of the garden in terms of waste can be put directly into the container. If the container is full, call, email, WhatsAppt or chat with and we will ensure that the container is collected in consultation with you.

If you have a lot of wood that you want to have removed, then you have also come to the right place. If you want information about which container you want to order and you don't know, feel free to ask what the best solution is. We have many years of experience in the disposal of all types of waste. When it comes to asbestos or asbestos related materials, we can refer you to specialist companies.

Rent a container for a company?

We are also in the market for placing the right container for professional companies throughout the Netherlands. If you want to have a container placed, order one of our containers via our website or contact the telephone, mail, WhatsApp or chat with one of our employees to make good arrangements, so you don't have to worry about that to make.

What is the right container for you?

We deliver our containers in sizes 3m³, 6m³, 10m³, 10 m³ closed, 20 m³ and 40 m³ content. The prices of a container include installation costs, disposal costs, environmental surcharge and including 6 weeks rent. We apply an all-in tariff throughout the Netherlands. The price will therefore be the same for everyone regardless of the location. If the waste in the container does not meet the conditions, we will have to charge extra costs. The loading of the containers 3, 6 and 10 m³ containers can be up to 20 cm. be loaded above the edge.